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Rivers cleared from concussion, will play vs. Bills

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has been cleared to play against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday by an independent neurological consultant after suffering a concussion last week, the team announced Friday.

Head coach Anthony Lynn said earlier in the week that he was hopeful Rivers would play, but he had still needed to be medically cleared.

Rivers had been officially deemed questionable after Friday's practice, which was the second straight day he was able to participate fully.

The veteran quarterback was diagnosed with a concussion Monday after reporting symptoms, though it appeared he suffered the injury on his final play of the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars attempting to make a tackle on an interception return.

Rivers has started every game since the beginning of the 2006 season, making Sunday's contest his 195th consecutive start.

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Posted: November 18, 2017, 12:06 am

Why Titans need to move on from Mularkey regardless of 2017 result

Despite an embarrassing Thursday night loss in front of a national audience, the Tennessee Titans don't appear to be in a heap of trouble from the outside looking in.

They still sit fifth in the AFC with a winning record, and have a relatively easy upcoming schedule with the next four opponents starting their second-string quarterback. They have early-season wins over the vaunted defenses of the Jaguars and Seahawks, and remain in line to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

But they aren't good - not as good as they should be anyway.

On paper, the Titans should have a balanced, well-oiled offensive machine powered by the dynamic skill set of Marcus Mariota, a combination of youth and experience at receiver, a quality offensive line, and one of the NFL's best 1-2 punches at running back with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. Despite playing in a rather weak division, the Titans' offense does not strike fear in its opponents.

Category Rank
Passing Yards 21st
Rushing Yards 11th
Totals Yards 20th
Points 15th

If you're looking for the reason why the offense is so much less productive than it should be, you don't need to look much further than the coaching staff.

Mike Mularkey did well as head coach of the Bills in his first season back in 2005, scoring the sixth-most points in the league but ultimately missing the playoffs. Since then, he has not had his offense finish higher than 20th in points scored over his five-and-a-alf seasons as a head coach.

Mularkey landed the Titans' coaching gig following a 2-7 stint as interim coach to end the 2015 season, with some attributing that faith to his amicable relationship with ownership.

The team improved under their new coach the next season, following a 3-13 record in 2015 by going 9-7 in 2016. And despite his inability to make the Titans into an explosive offensive unit, he did remarkably better than his predecessor, which was enough to not get fired.

The AFC is in rough shape with 10-of-16 teams entering Week 11 with a record below .500, so the Titans still have a good shot at making the playoffs, regardless of whether they are actually a "playoff-caliber" team. That makes it increasingly unlikely the team makes a concerted effort to elevate its conservative offence, with a playoff spot on the horizon.

Week Opponent Record
12 at Colts 3-7
13 vs. Texans 3-6
14 at Cardinals 4-5
15 at 49ers 1-9
16 vs. Rams 7-2
17 vs. Jaguars 6-3

But even if Tennessee makes the tournament, it's tough to argue this is the year it gets over the hump to becoming a consistent contender.

While some fans may be looking short-term at the opportunity to make it back to the playoffs, earning a game after Week 17 would essentially guarantee Mularkey keeps his position, and thus guarantee another year of Mariota's rookie contract is wasted on the same basic offense.

If the Titans happened to falter down the stretch and miss the postseason, the front office would have plenty of reason to move on from Mularkey to someone who can appreciate the talent on the roster. General manager Jon Robinson's past experience in the Patriots' front office would likely make for a solid partnership with New England's offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is expected to be the hottest name on the coaching market after the season.

The goal of football is obviously to win the most games, but sometimes a team needs to take a step backwards before it can move forward. This is one of those times.

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Author: Mitch Sanderson
Posted: November 17, 2017, 11:23 pm

Country singer releases song blasting anthem protests

Neal McCoy, a prominent country music singer, released a song taking aim at players who have protested racial inequality and police brutality during the American national anthem.

McCoy released a new single Friday titled "Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take A Knee)" on Facebook Live.

"I've been on 15 USO tours,” McCoy said via NBC 4 Columbus. “I’ve entertained our troops in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all over the world. So, no, this is not a money grab. This is a guy that believes in our country, that does not like people kneeling, not standing with their hands over their hearts, for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. That’s what I’m about.”

It's certainly a confusing title, however, and McCoy was roasted online by numerous people who didn't agree with his opposition to the protests.

McCoy was incensed with Colin Kaepernick being named GQ's Citizen of the Year.

"If you haven’t seen it they named their GQ ‘Citizen of the Year’ for 2017, Colin Kaepernick,” McCoy said. “Now, I didn’t read the article, I saw it when I was driving, I understand they’re probably going to say he’s done a lot for Civil Rights and everything, and maybe he has. Maybe whatever he was trying to do, with civil unrest, maybe African Americans being treated wrong, or not equally, and some of that’s right. Maybe that’s what he was trying to do. But, taking a knee during the National Anthem at a professional NFL game is not the way to do it."

It remains to be seen whether McCoy's single will be a hit.

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Author: theScore Staff
Posted: November 17, 2017, 11:04 pm

Jerry Jones apologizes for 'inappropriate' racial remark from 4 years ago

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has issued an apology for a racially insensitive comment he made four years ago that surfaced following a report that he used questionable language while threatening Roger Goodell.

A video of Jones at a Dallas hotel bumping into a fan who was about to get married came out Friday morning. In it, the fan - a white man - asked Jones if he could record a message for his fiancee.

"Jennifer, congratulations on the wedding,'' Jones said, according to David Moore of Dallas Morning News. "Now, you know he's with a black girl tonight, don't you?''

The camera then shows an African-American man laughing.

Jones issued a statement through the team Friday, apologizing for the remark.

"That comment was inappropriate. It's not who I am, and I'm sorry.''

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 10:48 pm

Wilson reveals that he wore splint to reset jaw, avoided fracture

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson provided a deeper insight into the jaw injury he suffered during a Nov. 9 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Wilson said he avoided a fracture but had to remain on a liquid diet for 2-3 days as a result of the injury.

"I had to wear this splint almost," Wilson said via Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk. "Basically a hard mouthguard which would reset my jaw a little bit and make me feel good again."

Wilson suffered the injury after getting hit by Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby. Many believed Wilson initially suffered a concussion and reinserted himself back into the game, but revealed he actually had a jaw injury.

The Seahawks star is expected to start Monday against the Atlanta Falcons without any setbacks.

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Author: Arun Srinivasan
Posted: November 17, 2017, 10:25 pm

Pick or Pass? Who to take in your survivor pool in Week 11

Another week, another comfortable win in the survivor pool as the Los Angeles Rams hammered the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Thanks to some smart selections early in the season, the Kansas City Chiefs are still available to be picked this week against the woeful New York Giants. The later one can last in a survivor pool, the strategy of picking against the NFL's worst teams - regardless of opponent - is a wise one.

That's certainly the case with this week's selection.

Team to pick if still alive

Kansas City Chiefs

Betting against the Giants is about as safe as it gets on the board these days, and when you add in that Andy Reid is 16-2 all time as a head coach coming off a bye, the Chiefs are a strong play this week. After a red-hot start to the season, Kansas City lost three of four games heading into their bye, but a trip to MetLife Stadium should be just what they need. The 49ers gashed the Giants for 186 yards on the ground last week, so expect a big day out of Kareem Hunt and the Chiefs offense.

Record: 13-3
Teams picked so far: Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams

Team to pick if starting over

Los Angeles Chargers

Despite being in concussion protocol, Philip Rivers was a full participant at practice Thursday and Friday which makes him likely to play Sunday. That likelihood, along with the Bills' decision to bench Tyrod Taylor for rookie Nathan Peterman, makes the Chargers a very strong play this week at home. Buffalo has been blown off the field the past two weeks, losing to the Jets and the Saints by a combined 50 points. Until Buffalo proves otherwise, picking their opposition is a wise move in survivor pools.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 9:51 pm

Report: Bengals' Burfict avoids fine for making contact with official

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict avoided a fine for making contact with an official Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, Tom Pelissero of USA TODAY Sports reports.

Burfict was ejected from the game but avoided a suspension. It was the first ejection of Burfict's career.

Related: Bengals' Burfict blames NFL officials for provoking him into ejection

He's been suspended and fined several times throughout his career, serving a three-game sanction during the 2017 season for an illegal preseason hit.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 9:07 pm

Bengals' Burfict blames NFL officials for provoking him into ejection

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was ejected from Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans for making contact with an official, but it wasn't entirely his fault, at least according to the player himself.

Burfict asserted he was egged on by the referees, though he did recognize he acted in an inappropriate way.

Related - Watch: Bengals' Burfict ejected vs. Titans for contacting official

"The refs, they come up to me, talking to me disrespectfully, wanting me to curse back at them, but me cursing back at them isn't going to help me," Burfict said Friday, according to Laurel Pfahler of ESPN. "I'm not going to get a flag in my favor next time around, but that's the way they handle business, I guess. I told Coach I'm just going to try to stay out of the refs' way."

Burfict added: "Obviously, you are not supposed to touch the officials, but I didn't think I touched him maliciously at all. I pretty much said, 'Excuse me.'"

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told ESPN's Adam Schefter earlier in the week that Burfict needs to let the officials do their job and focus on his own.

"They have a job to do and they are going to separate players, and players are in a situation where they are there," Lewis said. "That's not what this is about, where the NFL should be. So, get back to the huddle and get going, and that's the most important thing."

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 8:23 pm

Browns fan raising money for 0-16 parade

With the Cleveland Browns sitting at 0-9, plans are underway to celebrate a potentially winless season.

Chris McNeil, the same fan who came up with the idea for an 0-16 parade last season, launched a GoFundMe campaign for the "Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0." The $3,000 he's hoping to raise will help pay for security, public restrooms, medical personnel, and other costs associated with throwing a parade.

McNeil's 2016 campaign raised $10,591, which was matched by the Browns and donated to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank after they defeated the Chargers in the final game of the season. If the Browns pull off a win this season, all funds will once again go to the food bank.

Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0




(All proceeds go to the @CleFoodBank if the @Browns win)

— McNeil (@Reflog_18) November 15, 2017

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 8:13 pm

Report: Silver quick to distance himself from NFL commissioner job

Would NBA commissioner Adam Silver consider taking his administrative talents to the world of professional football? Not for a second, apparently.

With NFL commissioner Roger Goodell seeking an incentive-based contract extension that would pay him as much as $49 million per year plus additional perquisites, the confidant of one NFL owner reached out to Silver to gauge his interest in hypothetically switching leagues, "to which Silver immediately said no," ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham report.

Silver has worked in the NBA for 25 years, with his responsibilities ranging from president of NBA Entertainment, to NBA chief of staff, to special assistant to the commissioner, to deputy commissioner, before finally taking his seat in the big chair in 2014. It seems that, at least for now, he's intent on staying there.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 7:26 pm

Watch: 'South Park' pokes fun at Jerry Jones, Chargers' attendance woes

The NFL felt the wrath of "South Park" once again Wednesday.

In an episode titled "Moss Piglets," a group led by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shows up at a special education science fair to find a solution to the NFL's ratings drop. Two of the students are studying "water bears," which Jones has decided is the key to the league's survival.

South Park tonight with jerry jones and the nfl omg I can't breath 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— Ryan A.M. Cardosi (@FurtherAM) November 16, 2017

The episode then cuts to an almost empty stadium watching a Sunday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Buffalo Bills:

Omg, @SouthPark roasting @Chargers is the greatest thing ever.

— Ryan Clumpner (@RyanClumpner) November 16, 2017

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 7:18 pm

Winston puts out defense statement after groping allegation

Jameis Winston has released a statement attempting to defend himself against allegations that he groped a female Uber driver in March 2016, which the NFL is investigating.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback claims that the report from BuzzFeed News, which he does not call by name, is incorrect.

A news organization has published a story about me regarding an alleged incident involving a female Uber driver from approximately two years ago. The story falsely accuses me of making inappropriate contact with this driver. I believe the driver was confused as to the number of passengers in the car and who was sitting next to her. The accusation is false, and given the nature of the allegation and increased awareness and consideration of these types of matters, I am addressing this false report immediately. At the time of the alleged incident, I denied the allegations to Uber, yet they still decided to suspend my account.

I am supportive of the national movement to raise awareness and develop better responses to the concerns of parties who find themselves in these types of situations, but this accusation is false. While I am certain that I did not make any inappropriate contact, I don't want to engage in a battle with the driver and I regret if my demeanor or presence made her uncomfortable in any way.

Winston's attorney also denied the allegations to BuzzFeed, claiming it was not the quarterback who did anything wrong, only that it was his Uber account that was used in the incident.

"We categorically deny this allegation. It is our understanding the uber driver was unable to identify the specific individual who allegedly touched this driver inappropriately," said lawyer Russ Spielman. "The only reason his name is being dragged in to this is that his Uber account was used to call the ride."

The driver who accused Winston of grabbing her crotch said he was the only person in the vehicle, which was refuted in the quarterback's statement. He did, however, admit to being in the car.

The Buccaneers released a statement Friday confirming they are aware of the investigation and are currently gathering information. Winston settled a civil suit with a woman earlier this year who accused him of rape in college.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 6:54 pm

Jaguars' Fournette listed as questionable vs. Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette continues to battle a lingering ankle injury that caused him to miss the team's Week 7 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Fournette is listed as questionable for this Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns, according to the club's official injury report.

After being benched in Week 9, following the Jaguars' bye, for violating a series of team rules, he returned for his worst game of the season against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Should Fournette suit up for the game, he's likely to see limited action, according to Florida Football Insiders.

If he's inactive, Chris Ivory will likely make his third start of the season. Over nine games, Ivory has rushed 78 times for 280 yards and a touchdown, while catching 20 passes for 172 yards and another score.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 6:00 pm

Fantasy: Start, Sit, Stash, Quit - Week 11

SSSQ is a weekly look at the under-the-radar fantasy players you should consider starting, and the potential busts you should leave on your bench. We also identify breakout candidates to stash on your roster and players you can safely cut. For the rest of your lineup decisions, consult our Week 11 rankings.


Blake Bortles, QB, Jaguars

at Browns

Bortles begins a favorable stretch of games with a matchup against the Browns. As an error-prone figurehead of a run-first offense, his ceiling isn't that high, but his fantasy floor should be the benchmark managers base their starting decisions on.

Fearless prediction: 269 yards passing, 2 TDs

Other QBs to start

  • Joe Flacco at Packers
  • Jay Cutler vs. Buccaneers

Alex Collins, RB, Ravens

at Packers

No team has allowed more rushing plays of 20-plus yards than the Packers this season, and Collins has racked up four such plays on only 93 attempts. He still hasn't found the end zone, but he may not need goal-line usage to do so against the Packers.

Fearless prediction: 72 yards rushing, 12 yards receiving, TD

Other RBs to start

  • Ameer Abdullah at Bears
  • Marshawn Lynch vs. Patriots
  • C.J. Anderson vs. Bengals

DeSean Jackson, WR, Buccaneers

at Dolphins

Jackson had one of his best games of the season in Week 10, with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and without No. 1 receiver Mike Evans, who returns for Week 11. Jackson could use his added reps with Fitzpatrick to outgain Evans against a Dolphins defense allowing 4.5 targets and 48.8 yards to No. 2 receivers, according to Football Outsiders.

Fearless prediction: 76 yards receiving, TD

Other WRs to start

  • Larry Fitzgerald at Texans
  • Nelson Agholor at Cowboys
  • Marqise Lee at Browns

Tyler Kroft, TE, Bengals

at Broncos

Starting tight ends against the Broncos has provided fantasy managers with a very favorable floor. In a year without much consistent tight end production, Kroft has been serviceable as the de facto No. 2 option in the Bengals' passing attack.

Fearless prediction: 66 yards receiving, TD

Other TEs to start

  • Austin Hooper at Seahawks
  • Marcedes Lewis at Browns


Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions

at Bears

Only five teams are allowing fewer fantasy points per game to quarterbacks than the Bears, as opposing teams are having an easy enough time beating them on the ground. Stafford has thrown five touchdowns and just one interception over his past two games, but he could give his arm a rest this week.

Other QBs to sit

  • Dak Prescott vs. Eagles
  • Jared Goff at Vikings

Joe Mixon, RB, Bengals

at Broncos

Mixon has scored touchdowns in consecutive weeks, but he racked up just 68 rushing yards on 21 carries along the way. The Broncos are allowing just 0.4 rushing TDs per game, limiting any upside in the inefficient rookie.

Other RBs to sit

  • Isaiah Crowell vs. Jaguars
  • Orleans Darkwa vs. Chiefs
  • Tevin Coleman at Seahawks

Sammy Watkins, WR, Rams

at Vikings

Watkins has reached the end zone in consecutive weeks, but he received a total of just five targets in two games against the Giants and Texans. He'll face a much tougher defense in Week 11, keeping him relegated to the third option in the Rams' passing attack.

Other WRs to sit

  • Marvin Jones at Bears
  • Randall Cobb vs. Ravens

Charles Clay, TE, Bills

at Chargers

Clay missed Wednesday's practice due to a knee injury, but he returned Thursday and should be ready to go Sunday. Even if he is, he'll be catching passes from rookie Nathan Peterman against an improving Chargers defense allowing fewer fantasy points to tight ends than all teams except the Packers.

Other TEs to sit

  • Vernon Davis at Saints
  • Kyle Rudolph vs. Rams


Aaron Jones, RB, Packers

Jones has been dropped en masse after being given a three-to-six-week timeline to recover from an MCL injury. Should he return for the fantasy playoffs, it would coincide with the potential return of Aaron Rodgers for the fantasy championship. He's the ideal target where available in keeper leagues as a top back next season.

Danny Woodhead, RB, Ravens

Woodhead is still available in more than half of all leagues, and he should be grabbed even if his return is pushed back to Week 12. The Ravens continue to linger around the AFC playoff mix, and they'll need the player they expected to be their lead back this season.


Duke Johnson, RB, Browns

Johnson's usage in the running game has ticked up over the last few weeks, but he's about to lose a good portion of his work as a pass-catcher with wide receivers Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon returning in the next couple weeks. Isaiah Crowell has been outperforming Johnson on the ground, leaving him in control of carries.

Tyrod Taylor, QB, Bills

Nathan Peterman has the start for Week 11 in a move the Bills claim is about winning now. Taylor's days in Buffalo are done. Either Peterman will help them win and reach the postseason, or a couple losses will knock them out of contention, allowing them to take a longer look at a potential quarterback of the future.

(Photos courtesy: Getty Images)

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 5:42 pm

NFL investigating Winston for allegedly groping Uber driver

The NFL is currently investigating Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston over an allegation that he grabbed a female Uber driver's crotch in Arizona in March 2016, league spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times.

In a letter obtained by BuzzFeed News' Talal Ansari, NFL's special counsel for investigations Lisa Friel told the Uber driver: "The League has been informed that you may have been the victim of such a violation perpetrated by Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Jameis Winston. The league takes allegations of this nature very seriously and has opened an investigation into this matter."

The driver reportedly alleges she picked up Winston around 2:00 a.m. on March 13, 2016. He was with a group of men who told her who he was before he entered the vehicle. Winston was the only passenger, sitting in the front seat and acting unruly, at one point shouting homophobic slurs at pedestrians, before asking to stop for food. The driver alleges Winston, who she described as "very physically imposing," reached over and grabbed her crotch while waiting in a drive-thru line.

"I wasn't just creeped out," said the driver. "I was frozen ... I mean he's an NFL quarterback and I'm 5-foot-6. I'm not prepared for that. So I completely froze."

The driver says she was fearful to come forward as she did not want to become known as "the woman who Jameis Winston groped," but eventually decided she wanted to tell the truth "about a powerful man who felt entitled to my body when all I wanted to do was my job."

"If I'm silent, I fear that further harm will come to other women, if it hasn't already," she said. "He sexually assaulted me, and I have every right to tell the damn truth about it."

Winston's representatives have denied the allegations, claiming it was someone else using Winston's Uber account, and told BuzzFeed that they had not heard of such a letter from the NFL prior to being contacted.

The Buccaneers released a statement Friday.

Bucs statement on the Winston matter

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) November 17, 2017

Uber says the passenger, whose ride receipt identified him as Winston, has been banned from using the ride-sharing service. Winston was confirmed to be at a charity flag football event in Arizona on March 12.

Winston settled a civil lawsuit earlier this year with a woman who accused him of rape while he was in college in 2012.

Related: Winston puts out defense statement after groping allegation

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 5:32 pm

Report: Jones threatened to 'come after' Goodell over Elliott suspension

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott dropped the appeal of his six-game suspension and is leaving the country to clear his head, but a report on Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones' initial reaction to the suspension is reigniting the issue.

According to ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham, Jones was enraged when he learned of Elliott's suspension on Aug. 9, telling commissioner Roger Goodell over the phone: "I'm gonna come after you with everything I have."

He then referred to the New England Patriots' fight for quarterback Tom Brady over Deflategate. "If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to what I'm going to do."

Jones recently threatened to sue the league if it continues negotiations to extend Goodell's contract, though he's met resistance from opposing NFL owners in favor of the current regime.

Related - Report: NFL owners to meet Dec. 13 to discuss potential Goodell extension

He has laughed off suggestions that those owners will have him ousted.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 3:23 pm

Week 11 Betting Preview: Predictions for every matchup

Each week during the NFL season, theScore's Dane Belbeck will handicap every matchup and offer up a three-pack of picks.

Week 9 record (includes TNF pick): 6-7-1
Overall: 77-67-2

Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers (-4)

In a shocking move earlier in the week, the Bills benched Tyrod Taylor in favor of Nathan Peterman following the team's horrific showing last week. For the former Pitt standout's first start, Buffalo heads west to face the Chargers and their dominant pass-rushing duo of Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. Philip Rivers was a full participant in practice Thursday despite remaining in concussion protocol, but all signs point to him being able to play Sunday. That should mean a comfortable win for the home team. Chargers 27, Bills 10

Kansas City Chiefs (+10.5) at New York Giants

A 10.5-point road favorite in the NFL is a daunting task, but a combination of Andy Reid's history off a bye week and the Giants' ineptitude makes the Chiefs the pick here. Reid is 16-2 in his career as a head coach when coming off a bye, and that record looks good to hit 17-2 against the lowly Giants. New York got blown out by the previously winless 49ers last week, and it appears the remaining games on the schedule will be the last under Ben McAdoo. Chiefs 30, Giants 13

New England Patriots vs. Oakland Raiders (+7)

The Patriots look downright unbeatable of late, but the Raiders have had an extra week to prepare for the contest in Mexico City thanks to their bye. While New England has shored up its pass defense, they're still able to be picked apart in the right scheme. Look for Derek Carr to find Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree early and often, and the Raiders to ride out of Mexico City with a massive win. Raiders 30, Patriots 28

Remaining matchups

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (+3)

It's going to be windy and cold Sunday in Chicago and the Lions have the league's fourth-worst rushing offense. Look for a low-scoring affair in which the Bears' rushing attack will thrive. Bears 20, Lions 17

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns (+7.5)

A team with Blake Bortles as quarterback is favored on the road by more than a touchdown? The Browns are bad, but this is too many points. Jaguars 24, Browns 20

Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers (+2)

Thanks to the bye, the Ravens have had two weeks to prepare for a Brett Hundley-led offense. That doesn't bode well for the Packers. Ravens 24, Packers 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1) at Miami Dolphins

Taking Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road may not be sage betting advice regularly, but the Dolphins look to be a complete disaster. Buccaneers 23, Dolphins 14

Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings (-2)

Shockingly, the best game of the week is between the Jared Goff-led Rams and the Case Keenum-led Vikings. The aggressive Minnesota secondary will be a big test for Los Angeles, and the home team will make enough stops to get the win. Vikings 27, Rams 21

Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints (-7.5)

The Saints ran wild on the Bills last week and there's no reason to think they won't do the same against Washington. Even if the run game struggles, Drew Brees at home seems like a fairly sound backup plan. Saints 31, Redskins 20

Arizona Cardinals (+1) at Houston Texans

It could very well be Blaine Gabbert against Tom Savage on Sunday in Houston. The best bet to make on this game is that it will be terrible, but since we have to pick a side, let's go with Arizona. Cardinals 17, Texans 13

Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos (-2.5)

It seems unfathomable with the talent the Broncos have on defense, but Denver has lost five straight games, all coming by at least 10 points. That said, the Bengals aren't exactly setting the league on fire of late either. Broncos 20, Bengals 17

Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5) at Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will be without Ezekiel Elliott and Tyron Smith yet again, something the Falcons heavily exploited last week. There's no reason to think the Eagles won't be able to as well. Eagles 28, Cowboys 20

Atlanta Falcons (+3) at Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks vaunted defense will definitely be missing Richard Sherman and will likely be without Kam Chancellor. Earl Thomas is scheduled to play but won't be 100 percent. That could be trouble against a Falcons offense that looked to get their groove back last week. Falcons 28, Seahawks 27

Picks summary
Chargers -4 (Gold)
Chiefs -10.5 (Silver)
Raiders +7 (Bronze)
Bears +3
Browns +7.5
Packers +2
Buccaneers +1
Vikings -2
Saints -7.5
Cardinals +1
Broncos -2.5
Eagles -4.5
Falcons +3

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 1:36 pm

Cardinals sign Fitzgerald to 1-year extension through 2018

The Arizona Cardinals signed wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to a one-year contract extension that will keep him with the club next season, the team announced.

The 34-year-old has spent his entire 14-year career with the Cardinals. His upcoming free agency was setting up a murky offseason for the team, with the futures of quarterback Carson Palmer and head coach Bruce Arians widely in question.

Fitzgerald has caught 60 passes for 677 yards and three touchdowns through nine games this year, totaling 1,185 receptions for 15,066 yards and 107 touchdowns in 211 games. He's added 10 more TDs in nine playoff games, including a trip to the Super Bowl in 2008.

The Cardinals appeared set to send out the franchise's star receiver on top of the football world this year, beginning the season with Super Bowl aspirations.

Through 10 weeks, they're a disappointing 4-5 and sit third in the NFC West, having played all but the season opener without running back David Johnson and their past two games without Palmer.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 1:32 pm

Watch: Steelers' Brown pins ball on helmet for 3rd TD of the night

Just stop it, @AB84...


— NFL (@NFL) November 17, 2017

With two touchdowns already on the night, Antonio Brown opted to add a degree of difficulty for his third against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday.

The Pittsburgh Steelers star trapped the ball against his helmet for an incredible 10-yard score in the fourth quarter, completing the hat trick of touchdowns in epic fashion.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 4:17 am

Report: NFL owners to meet Dec. 13 to discuss potential Goodell extension

The NFL's owners will hold an exclusive meeting to discuss Roger Goodell's potential contract extension on Dec. 13, Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal reports.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been lobbying for a meeting due to his opposition to the commissioner.

A meeting was already scheduled for Dec. 13 but it will now include Jones' request to discuss his criticism of the extension.

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Goodell's contract expires in 2018, and if extended, he'll remain in power through 2024.

"This is not the time for the League to undertake massive contractual obligations which are inconsistent with the League’s performance," Jones wrote in a letter contesting Goodell's extension.

Many believe Jones' opposition to Goodell's extended tenure is directly related to the league suspending Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for a violation of the personal conduct policy. Jones has denied this notion.

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Posted: November 17, 2017, 2:24 am

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