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 In a career that spans 50 years, Buddy has been the drummer in an astonishing 95 bands – 20 years of which he has been the leader of his own band. He has in the past played on the Love Boat “Grand Princess” through out the Caribbean, and  toured Costa Rica for a month.

Buddy played in the group Four Um who in 1972 released the Jazz Funk album “Just Us”, which is now very sought after. The album was engineered by Wes Owen, who has engineered the likes of John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band on the Concert for Bangladesh album. The song “Let’s Make It One World”  off the album was played at President Nixon’s inauguration. Currently a sealed copy of album has been found on Ebay selling for upwards of $399, while CD’s have been found for a more modest $60.

As an international recording artist, Buddy’s music has been played world wide. He has opened for the likes of The Marshall Tucker Band, Delbert McClinton, Luther Allison, and Coco Montoya. 

 Buddy has also won various awards including the Blues Beat Magazine’s “Drummer of the Year” award in 2001.

Nite-Life Magazine

By Dave Koester

Buddy Hinds is one of Western New York’s most versatile performers having played in area clubs for the last 25 years. “I started out playing drums at the age of 13 and have been going strong since then,” said Buddy. Indeed he has, Hinds has a notebook containing all of  the bands and musicians he has been associated with since 1965. At present count, Buddy has been in 62 bands and jammed with 160  musicians. Currently performing with his own band Blue Heaven, Hinds is the drummer and lead vocalist, and he occasionally becomes the front man when required. “I love to perform,” said Buddy. “This is my full time job, I play out 250 nights a year and every night is a  new adventure. I always strive to do something new and keep the crowd into what we are doing. Our improvisational prowess allows us to never play the same song twice,” he said.

Buddy was influenced by the local band The Ravens along with Muddy Waters and Jimmy Hendrix. “My three favorite drummers were Tony Williams (Miles Davis), John Bonham (Zeppelin) and Mitch Mitchell (Hendrix) and I always loved the blues too,” he said. “I pride myself on being very professional. I try to handle every big gig a classy situation. I always show up on time, and put forth an honest effort with every show I do,” he said. Many people enjoy his self described “craziness” on stage, but admits that sometimes it makes things difficult. “It’s hard to live up to that image all the time, but I do my best to be wild and crazy, and have some fun on stage,” he said. Buddy’s Love of performing is what keeps him going.

He Also feels that in some small way his music contributes to make the world a better place. “I’m not doing this for the money even tough it’s my livelihood; I’m doing it for the love of playing drums and playing in front of people. I may be nutty, but I’m also spiritual and I hope that my love of music can make people relax and enjoy themselves for a little while, and not worry about life’s problems,” he said.

From 1971-1988. Hinds performed on the road going coast to coast six nights a week. During that time, Buddy recorded in Nashville with Dave Fowler (Lorrie Morgan), John Mattick (Alabama) and Bill Hullet (Garth Brooks), has played with bands like Nazareth, jammed at Legends (Buddy Guy’s club in Chicago) and recorded a few originals. In 1988, he returned to Buffalo with a vengeance and continues to go strong with Blue Heaven and the “space jazz” band Phobos. After staying in the area for eight years, he would like to go out on the road for one weekend a month and continue to fulfill his gigs in WNY. There are not a whole lot of full time professional players left in Buffalo due to economics and the fact that musicians just cannot make a living playing out full time. Don’t tell that to Hinds, “I have my own publishing company, my own record label, I book my own dates and have 26 shows to do in December. I pride myself on my own perseverance and ability. Playing music is a good vehicle of expression on where my talents lie,” he said.

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