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I have been playing drums since age 3, on stage by age 5 and performing in nightclubs. With over 50 years of drumming under my belt it’s safe to say I have played with many incredible musicians, toured the country and shared my secrets with many young drummers. Now with the age of social media, I am able to instantly share my years of knowledge with you here on From drum corps to session work, chops to finesse, I will share what I have learned with you. Below is a lengthy bio if you are interested.  Rock on…



My father, Nat Barouch Sr., (aka Nat Barry) was a professional drummer for thirty years. His band, the Nat Barry Trio played the Playboy Club, The Sherry Frontinac, and The Diplomat on Miami Beach to name a few. My dad gave me the knowledge and desire to be the best drummer possible and because of that I will never quit. I have played just about every style of music, from Orchestral to Drum Corps, Jazz to Rock and Funk to Country.

I LOVE MUSIC…as long as I’m playing it, I’m happy.



Florida Vanguard ’77,’78,’79, Spirit of Atlanta ’80, ’81 & the Concord California Blue Devils ’82, ‘ 83. In 1983 I was section leader and won the World Championship Individual Snare Drum Competition.



While in California, I had a band called Justin Tyme which was also the band that named me DRUMMAN. They said it was because I must have been a superhero to make my hands & feet go that fast. The name stuck!

1984 – Rockstreet recorded and released two EP’s, “Rockstreet” and “Get Lost”, as well as shooting two videos on location at Fort Lauderdale Beach and Port Everglades. we also toured internationally.
1993 – I formed Higher Ground. Higher Ground toured the southeast with powerhouse sets of classic and current rock, and was nominated Best Circuit Band in the 1994 Jammie Awards.


The 14-song “Breaking Through”, was a 100% honest, live-to-DAT recording which sold thousands of copies locally. In addition to headlining several shows, we supported such acts as Foghat, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, and Stranger. Higher Ground went on to record and shoot video at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Orlando, Florida.


1995 – The name changed to Signal Zero and we became a power trio with the addition of Berkley educated Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Gary Schutt.


1997 – Recorded Dante Catt’s solo effort, “Curiosity Kills”, a 10-song CD which went on to sell well in South Florida.


2000 to 2010 – Nobody’s Fault a quality classic rock cover band that played all the best clubs in Ft. Lauderdale.


I’ve built a recording studio in West Virginia and have been cutting tracks for a few acts. I am also creating educational podcasts and videos for Vic Firth and Tama Marching.

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